Photo Archive

One of the aims of the Project Zelkova is to build up an iconographic database on relict, endemic and rare woody species. Although the main focus is put on the genera Zelkova and Pterocarya, we are collecting during our field work images of the people, forests, landscapes as well as other biogeographically interesting and threatened plant and animal species. Our database grows continuously and includes today more than 30,000 images illustrating extraordinary plant and habitat diversity of the Mediterranean (e.g., Sicily, Crete), Transcaucasia (e.g., Georgia, Azerbaijan) and Eastern Asia (e.g., China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea). Some photographs were taken in botanic gardens and arboreta worldwide (e.g., Geneva, Fribourg, Bern, Aubonne, Lyon, Berlin, Kornik, etc.).

The majority of pictures were taken by Evelyne Kozlowski, the scientific photographer of the Project Zelkova.

Contact us in order to obtain more information about our collection and about the conditions of use.