Local conservation & research projects, exhibitions, discoveries, etc.

The research group of Prof. G. Kozlowski at the Botanic Garden of the University of Fribourg in collaboration with the Natural History Museum Fribourg (NHMF) initiates and/or participates actively in various local conservation, research and museological activities.

Bonaudon Forest - biodiversity hotspot of Fribourg

The forest in the valley of Bonaudon (situated in the southermost point of the Canton of Fribourg) belongs to the most important biodiversity hotspots in western Switzerland. Many endangered plant and animal species have found their refuge in this remote area (e.g. Cicerbita plumieri, Campanula latifolia, Cephalaria alpina, etc.). The forest is dominated by Acer pseudoplatanus trees (some of them very old) growing on steep and rocky slopes. Prof. G. Kozlowski's group carried out several inventories and spoke up since many years for conservation of this natural forest fragment. In 2015 the area was officially designated as a "Forest Reserve".

De memoire d'arbre / Bäume erinnern sich

30 May 2015 - 31 January 2016

The exhibition at the Natural History Museum Fribourg (Switzerland), realized in collaboration with Design NG Tornay (Fribourg) presented the most emblematic trees and shrubs from the regions of Macaronesia, Colchis and Transcaucasia. The genus Zelkova as well as selected highlights of Project Zelkova was prominently featured in this exhibition.

Curator of the exhibition: Emanuel Gerber (NHMF)

Online version of the exhibition panels


The onlive version of the exhibition, described in French and German, is divided into four parts:

Introduction and Impressum (PDF)

Hyrcanian Forest - Azerbaijan (PDF)

Colchic Forest - Turkey (PDF)

Macaronesia - Canary Islands (PDF)